I'm all about living-from-Scratch. I do things the real way. The old way. The good way. I bake things with ingredients. I create pretties from bits of fabric. From pieces of this n that. 

Living-from-Scratch means living intentionally. It's not giving up. It's fixing your eyes on a certain goal and working hard to get there, no matter how difficult it sometimes is. Make your life as beautiful as you dream it can be. Build your dreams from scratch. Your life matters and so do your dreams. 

Treat your body with kindness and respect. This means taking care of it every day- even for 30 minutes a day. Get physical. Eat well. Nourish yourself. Feed your body whole, real foods. Cut the junk and processed stuff. More vegetables. Less sugar. Work on your body-from-Scratch. 

Your relationships are things you have to nurture and build from scratch. People matter. We were put on this earth to love God and love others. Period! Take care of the loved ones that have been placed in your life. Life without love and friendship isn't much of a life. Build these relationships- from scratch.

Don't forget to love yourself. Oh and have fun!  

xoxo ~ Meli