Welcome to my site!

Welcome to my newly designed site! I’m so glad to have you. Grab some coffee and let’s hang out.

 If you followed me before as “Fit for a Purpose”, I’m still here, doing the same things.  I’m just changing it up a bit. I'm still focusing on being fit and healthy, but I'm also sharing some more of my passions. As you get to know me better, you'll find that I love all things sewing, quilting, baking, cooking, foodie things, outdoor adventures, kayaking, hiking, coffee, wine, exploring, traveling, workout clothes, the ocean and the mountains. I have been a business owner for many, many years, but now I am working hard to build an online business so that I can stay home with my kids full time. This is my main goal!

 I have been loving my journey this past year and a half of getting healthier, learning better eating and working out habits, and helping others do the same. I love coaching and inspiring others to be better. Taking care of our physical bodies is a very important daily ritual and one that I have finally made a habit. Because I love how much better I FEEL when I make sure that I get some sort of exercise every day.

When it comes to eating, I have really overhauled my eating habits. I’m not a nutritionist, or anything fancy. However, I HAVE been doing a lot of studying and researching food. And I have to say, I’ve developed a much healthier relationship with food.

I have been a binge eater, I’ve done juice fasts, slim fast, weight watchers, nutrisystem, diet pills, starvation diets, low-carb diets and just about every other diet and fad weight loss system out there.  They have never given me the lasting satisfaction and benefits I’ve finally reached with good ‘ole fashioned daily exercise and learning better, clean eating habits. Am I perfect every day? Hardly! There are days I sometimes hit the snooze, I eat pizza or a cheeseburger now and then, and I adore craft beer!

I do NOT allow myself to drown in guilt over these things anymore though. I know that my worth does not come from what size my pants are or what the scale says. My value is in knowing who God says I am. I’m a child of His, I’m a wife, and a mother, a sister, a daughter and a loyal friend-one who tries every day to live life well, to be happy and have fun. To think positively, to remember to take part in each and every moment, to be present , to smile and laugh, even when there are days I feel like crying. Life is a gift and every day should be lived as such. Life is beautiful!

These days I’m much happier in my skin. I feel strong and confidant. Yes, I’m still on a journey and have more weight that I would LIKE to lose. But I’m not obsessed with it. As long as I show up every day and give my best effort, I am content with being me.

I’m here to share my story, my journey and my heart with you. I love you already. I can’t wait to get to know you better.  So let’s hang out.